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Join today and contribute to the future of hundreds of children!

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Join today and contribute to the future of hundreds of children who pass through Obra do Berço!

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Obra do Berço is a non-profit institution and all our work is offered free of charge. In order for us to continue our mission to help children in need, we need people who are members and who can regularly contribute any amount. Be part of this project that has been building a better future for children and choose one of the ways to make your contribution
Ways to contribute are listed below.
  • Participating in our events
  • Solidarity Anniversary: gift piece, donations for the Work!
  • Associates: monthly donation
  • Collaboration: single donation

To make your monthly contribution via payment slip sent to your home or your e-mail, contact:

Bank deposit

Cradle Work
CNPJ: 33.522.079/0001-70 (Pix)

Itau bank
Agency: 0311
C/C: 15413-2

We also need product donations such as: 

  • Food kinds
  • Clothing
  • Medicines
  • Household items
  • Personal Hygiene Material
  • Pedagogical Material
  • Cleaning material.

Not sure if your unlisted donation would be useful? So make contact with us.

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