Christmas party

Our Christmas parties are very traditional, and little by little they got even better. Since 2015, this celebration, which also closes the year, has taken to the streets with a presentation by our children, delivery of gifts, Santa Claus, exhibition and sale of products and, of course, many typical foods from that time. The party is an important recipe for the institution, and as of 2017, we have opened the doors to the participation of other social projects with their institutional product stalls. Casa Ronald, Celpi Sebo Solidário, CompartilhAmor, EcoTampas, Instituto Onikoja, Instituto Refeito, Pipa Social, Pró-Criança Cardíaca, Reviver, Saúde Criança, are some of those who have already participated.

“We have in our soul the vocation of love, love for our neighbor. With this in mind, every year we promote a Bazaar at our headquarters where various entities that work for the common good have the opportunity to present their work to help others.
The Christmas Party is a moment of light for the entire community, as the Christmas spirit comes alive. Families find peace in the certainty that the work done at Obra do Berço saves the lives of the generation of tomorrow.

In a simple and cheerful way, Obra do Berço sells delicious snacks and gifts for Christmas. In addition, children have the joy of playing with their family. Ah! Not to mention the old man who doesn't forget anyone. He arrives with presents for all our children.
CHRISTMAS" (President Maria Luiza Marinho's words)

Be part of it!

Be part of the Obra do Berço events team and contribute with volunteer work at our parties!

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