Invista em nossa causa e contribua com o futuro de uma criança.

Obra do Berço helps thousands of families in Brazil by taking care of the development of children in their first 1,000 days thanks to the generosity of companies that offer meaningful financial support in cash every year.

We work hard to build partnerships which are mutually beneficial with organizations that are committed to our mission of supporting the formation of citizens since their birth.

The first 1000 days period is considered a GOLDEN INTERVAL because it can drastically change the fate of a child, not only when it comes to their biology (growth and development), but also in intellectual and social terms.

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    Por que contribuir com esta causa?

    Investindo na Obra do Berço, você apoia os seguintes Programas:

    • Institutional sheltering
    • Medical and psychological support 
    • Education and nursery
    • Nutrition and healthy diet

    We are counting on your company's support in order to continue and intensify this work. 


    O que sua empresa ganha ao investir na Obra do Berço?

    • Marketing de Causa
    • Agregação de valor a marca
    • Reconhecimento social
    • Corporate volunteering
    • Novas maneiras de trabalhar o S do ESG

    Fale agora com nossa equipe e conheça essa causa!


    Veja quem são nossos parceiros!

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    We are very happy with the support that we continue to get from organizations in all of Brazil and we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to our partners.

    Not only did they help finance our support programs, but they also donated their time, their products and their experience to Obra do Berço.


    Our numbers so far

    Free meals on the last 10 years
    Hours of activities for children / year
    Days with overnight accommodation

    It is incredible to see the number of people committed to contributing to the future of so many children who have already been assisted by Obra do Berço.

    Thatyana Frez - Social Worker, Obra do Berço